2024 Canadian National Soaring Championships

at Diamond Valley, AB (Cu Nim Gliding Club)

Racing Results

FAI leader: Dave Springford (F1)

Club Leader: Dragan Zubovic (D2)

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Racing Day Results
Date Day FAI Winner Club Winner
May 27 1 Dave Springford Dragan Zubovic

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Contest Dates: May 22 - 31, 2024

The Soaring Association of Canada and the Alberta Soaring Council are proud to support the 2024 Canadian National Soaring Championships.

Contest Director: Tony Burton

Contest Manager: Chris Gough

Scoring: Casey Brown

Safety: Mike Busuttil
Weather: Jay Allardyce
Social Events: Denise Vanderkooi

FAI and Club classes

The Cu Nim Gliding Club is excited to host a safe, competitive, and enjoyable soaring competition, sanctioned by the SAC sporting committee.

One of the last great forms of gallant competition - the sunship games!

Join some of Canada's best-soaring pilots as they race over the landscapes of Southern Alberta. Volunteers are always welcome and usually put to rewarding work. Catch the energy and enthusiasm of soaring competition - the excitement is contagious!

Join us, won't you?

For pilots, contest information will be found with the registration form, and the pilot kit is distributed before the event and hosted in the Resources section of this site.

Competition Calendar
Date Time Event Notes
Mon, May 20 10 - 6 Registration & Practice Tows available
Tues, May 21 10 - 6 Registration & Practice Tows available
7pm Mandatory Pilots Meeting Common Signup
Wed, May 22 10am Pilot's Meeting Contest Day 1
Thurs, May 23 10am Pilot's Meeting Contest Day 2
6pm Bratwurst & Beer Common Signup
Friday, May 24 10am Pilot's Meeting Contest Day 3
Sat, May 25 10am Pilot's Meeting Contest Day 4
6pm Pig Roast Common Signup
Sun, May 26 10am Pilot's Meeting Contest Day 5
Mon, May 27 10am Pilot's Meeting Contest Day 6
6pm Burgers & Bingo Common Signup
Tues, May 28 10am Pilot's Meeting Contest Day 7
Wed, May 29 10am Pilot's Meeting Contest Day 8
6pm Indian (mild spices) Common Signup
Thurs, May 30 10am Pilot's Meeting Contest Day 9
Fri, May 31 10am Pilot's Meeting Contest Day 10
6:30pm Banquet & Awards Common Signup
Big Beaver Brewing - Yummy!

Refreshments for after flying provided by Big Beaver Brewing of Okotoks. Yummy!

Location & Landmarks

Event Resources

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